We offer you flexible cleaning services
We care about your trust and comfort

Office & Home cleaning
company in Dubai

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We offer you flexible cleaning services
We care about your trust and comfort

Office & Home cleaning
company in Dubai

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Yan Quick cleaning company Dubai

We’ll clean your home any time you wish, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 7pm. You choose your time with no commitment. All our cleaning services plans are fairly priced so that we can take care of our cleaning team.
Along with home cleaning services, we offer commercial cleaning and we will add deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning to our set of services soon to support you to clean and sanitize your space every time you need.

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The house is clean. Time to come home and relax. Plus, you can book the same trusted cleaner again.

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About us

Why Y A N Quick Cleaning

The only maid service in Dubai that truly cares about your comfort and your home.

Approachable, like a family

We are available online, on calls, through WhatsApp or SMS; for orders, appreciations and complains 7 days a week.

Quality control

We recruit experienced and professional cleaner in Dubai and train our teams regularly on how to serve and care for our customers and their homes.

Your happiness, guaranteed

We ask for feedback after each visit. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our services, we will make it right.

Know who’s in your home

Want the same cleaning team every time? We can make that happen, just let us know when you sign up for service.

We never cancel. Ever.

Cleaning is a commitment.

What we do

At Yan Quick Cleaning,
we’re committed to your comfort and convenience

We’re a small local business that takes good care of our employees, so they can take good care of your home. We focus on doing the cleaning service right, gaining your trust and making your life comfortable.

How can we take care of you?

Tell us about your home, and get a price with no commitment right now.
Our Services are tailored to satisfy Dubai customers needs and clean their beloved homes well. In this sense, you can book for same day services as a one-off or you can book a recurring service weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks or monthly. Our customers decide for what they need and our objective is to tick-off cleaning from your to-do list.

Our Services

Sometimes, there’s just too much to do. For this reason, our maid service will take care of the house keeping and clean your home. Allso, save more with our recurring service on weekly or monthly basis with quick and cancellation option.

Our home cleaning services

The cleaning price starts at AED 40 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours with one maid and goes down to AED 32 for 4 hours and more.
Moreover, you have an easy option to choose a no-hassle, no commitment, weekly recurring cleaning. Plus, and what matters the most, you will enjoy a home that shines and a time at hand to start the gym you postponed, the book reading you forgot or simply to rest.

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A residential or commercial cleaning service in Dubai is first based on trust. At Yan Quick Cleaning, we thrive to offer the best service in Dubai and to keep improving our team’s capabilities, not only in cleaning but also in communicating and caring for our customers.
Accordingly, we offer our teams regular training sessions since we are always on the look on how to improve the performance. But also, how to use the cleaning products more efficiently and how to go out of your home or office with the shiniest result possible. Moreover, post every cleaning, we ask our customers for feedback; we appreciate positive feedback on our cleaning services but we also learn and fix any negative feedback we receive.
Since we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and comfort, we don’t outsource. In this sense, and as simple as it might sound, many businesses in UAE either outsource the orders to other companies or are only booking platforms. In both cases, service quality is not consistent. For us, by employing our maids under our sponsorship, we are obliged to thrive and offer the best service in order to keep our operations running, our customers satisfied and our staff happy.