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Almost everyone can iron, but do we iron properly? During this difficult process, there are several opportunities for error. When you don’t know any better, it’s simple to utilize the improper temperature or a lousy approach. Alternatively, use our at home ironing service in Dubai.

Expert Home Tips is here to guide you in the proper direction. With these 15 helpful hints, you’ll be ironing like a pro in no time. 

1. Use the proper ironing method

Yes, there is such a thing as a “ironing technique.” Ironing should be done in long, straight strokes. 

Avoid squeezing the iron too much, since this may cause the cloth to expand. It may also cause new wrinkles in the fabric, which will be difficult to remove.

2. Make full use of the ironing board 

Why bother fiddling around with garments dangling from the edges of your iron? Place long articles landscape on the ironing board to make full use of the ironing board. 

The thinner end of your ironing board might also come in handy. It’s especially useful for getting into wrinkles near armholes. Place your top over the end of the cloth, taking careful not to strain it, and iron into the stretched-out gaps.

3. Bring your iron water to a boil 

If you reside in a region with hard water, you should always boil your water before using it. 

If you do not, your iron will become clogged. This causes a slew of issues, including stains on garments and decreased efficiency. 

Take the time to boil your water first, and while you’re doing it, make yourself a cup of tea!


4. Keep in mind to iron around ornamental items. 

Most of us are aware that zips and buttons should be avoided. The same goes for details in general, whether it’s sequins, glitter, or very fine lace. 

Often, these sections do not even require ironing. If they do require a fast ‘once-over,’ iron them inside out on a low setting.

5. Use vinegar to remove iron scorch marks 

It’s not the end of the world if you make a minor mistake when ironing. 

White vinegar is an easy way to remove scorch stains. Wipe the stain with a clean cloth after dipping it into the liquid. To avoid spreading the mark, wipe with a clean section of the towel each time. To conclude, rinse with clean, cold water.

6. Iron in the proper order 

Some garments, such as vests, are rather simple to manage, but shirts are a different issue. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, always remember to start from the outside in. Begin with the collar, then the cuffs, then work your way in. 

Having an order makes the ironing process far less complicated and, as a result, much easier to complete.

7. How to position your ironing board properly 

To avoid back pain, position your iron appropriately.  Don’t make your life any more complicated than it has to be. Before you start ironing, check sure your ironing board is at the proper height for you. 

If at all possible, avoid stooping or bending over, as this might aggravate back pain. Keep this in mind and make any necessary adjustments to your ironing board. 

Other supplements may be beneficial if you have severe back pain. Rubberized shoes that support your weight, for example, will assist lessen the strain.

8. When feasible, iron clothes inside-out

Have you ever noticed a tiny shine on dark garments after they’ve been ironed? This is caused by the iron’s heat. 

Ironing inside out whenever possible is an easy approach to avoid this. This will assist to preserve the appearance of your clothes and keep them looking wonderful.

9. Iron only one side 

Everyday things don’t require much ironing at all. 

If your clothing appears nice after only one side has been ironed, don’t bother with the other. 

This will not only save you time, but ironing may make your clothes to seem weary over time. Don’t overburden yourself.

10. Hang or fold your ironed goods right away. 

Looks fantastic after being freshly ironed! 

Don’t let all the time you spent ironing go to waste. 

Keep a supply of coat hangers available when ironing so that you may hang items straight away. Fold any things that aren’t going to be hung on a flat surface right away and set them aside. 

This will keep your garments from collecting any additional wrinkles before putting them away.

11. Ironing should be done in a well-lit space

It’s not ideal to spend an hour ironing in the living room only to discover your garments still crumpled when you take them to your closet. 

Attempting to iron in a dimly lit area may be quite difficult. Smaller wrinkles are typically difficult to detect, especially on lighter goods. 

Place your ironing board in the best-lit room in the home. The procedures will be faster and easier, and the outcomes will be better. Book a home ironing service in Dubai today and let our house cleaning expert do the job for you.

12. Iron in a clockwise direction from cool to hot

Begin with a low temperature and gradually raise it. 

Take a few minutes to organize your garments before you begin ironing. Sort your products into three categories: delicate, medium, and durable. 

Begin with delicates using a low temperature iron, then progress to more durable clothing and a hotter iron. 

Because irons take a long time to cool down, this is the most dependable way to ensure that no damage is done to your clothing.

13. Do not iron unclean garments

Difficult stains are unlikely to come out of garments when we toss them in the washing machine without first removing them. 

The same is true for ironing: if you iron an unclean/spoiled clothing, the heat will set the stain permanently. 

This is simple to prevent; simply ensure that your garments are all nice and clean before you begin.

If you book at home ironing service, the garments given to the home cleaning professional needs to be cleaned beforehand.

14. Iron 100% cotton clothing when they are still moist 

Cotton items are much easier to care for than other materials. That is not to suggest they are simple. 

Cotton wrinkles may be incredibly difficult to remove. One thing you can do is attack them when they are still moist. When the heat hits the water, it produces steam, which aids in the removal of creases. 

15. Keep your iron clean on a regular basis 

These blemishes were caused by a clogged iron! 

You’ve got your outfit all ready for the celebration. It’s been freshly washed, and all it needs now is an iron. You put on your iron and start ironing, only to discover that it is leaving markings all over the place.


Ironing is a necessary chore for most people. It is never fun to do, but it is important. Ironing can take up a lot of time, which is why many of our customers are looking for a home ironing service in Dubai.



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