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It might feel like the entire internet is one giant reminder that you’ve been doing apartment cleaning the more difficult way your entire life without even recognizing it. The next thing you know, you’ve spent hours scrubbing away murky stains on glassware, only to discover that you could have just placed them in a water-vinegar combination and they’d come out like new. 

Cleaning hacks, productivity hacks, and life hacks in general appear to be everywhere. It’s difficult to browse the internet without getting enticed to read an article about the one trick you didn’t know about, but it only takes 30 seconds and will alter your entire life and make your dreams come true. You’ve seen it before.

 You’ve seen it before. Often, these sorts of service-based articles are jam-packed with useful advice, but it’s easy to be dubious or overwhelmed by the sheer number of life hacks you don’t know but should. 

What’s more convenient is hearing directly from genuine individuals about the hacks they’ve tried and tested and now completely believe in. Knowing that someone tried the water and vinegar technique and ended up with their glassware sparkling like new, or that someone has been successfully employing a specific magic oven cleaning tip for years, is a little more credible than something less personal. That’s why we’ve produced a list of the top six house cleaning tips for 2021.

Using Vinegar to Clean the Shower Head

A search on how to descale any home product on the internet will almost always lead to white vinegar. Even delicate products, such as sterilizers for infant bottles, are in good hands. The first thing to consider when using vinegar to descale a shower head is the type of vinegar. Because malt vinegar is ineffective and brown vinegar may discolor, white distilled vinegar is the best choice.

How do you erase fingerprints from metal surfaces? 

Finger markings on the sink, a splashback, or the kettle are inconvenient and may not always remove with a wipe. Apply a dab of baby oil or rinse aid on a clean cloth and massage the entire surface to remove them.

Bicarbonate of soda is magical for apartment cleaning

Because of its soft abrasive nature and ability to function as a natural deodorizer, bicarbonate of soda is a home cleaning powerhouse. 

Use it as part of your apartment cleaning tools to:

Remove tannin stains from teaspoons and the insides of cups by rubbing them with a bicarb-and-water mixture. Thoroughly rinse. 

To keep the fridge fresh, place a ramekin filled with powder bicarb on top of the salad drawer. 

Countertops, stainless steel sinks, microwaves, and kitchen utensils that are clean. Simply combine with a little water to form a paste and scrub. 

If the odor in your exercise clothing won’t go away, immerse the offending item in a sink filled with cold water and five to six tbsp bicarbonate of soda for thirty minutes. Wash once more and air dry. 

Carpets, upholstered furniture, and even pet beds may be deodorized. Sprinkle it on, wait 15 minutes, and then completely vacuum up.

To restore the luster of sterling silver, mix a paste (three parts bicarb to one part water) and apply it with a lint-free cloth (rather than a paper towel, which might scratch), then rinse.

Mattress cleaning to remove stains

Time is of the essence when dealing with spillages on bedding, as it is with any spill – especially when dealing with a mattress. Stand the mattress up and gently sponge the soiled area with cold water, being careful not to over-wet it. Blot with a dry cloth, then use a stain remover intended for carpet or upholstery to treat the  affected area. Blow dry after rinsing with cold water. If the stain is likely to have a residual odor, mix a few drops of disinfectant into the water you use to rinse it.

Keep dirt away from the house

If you have an excellent dirt-trapping doormat, you will reduce the amount of mud, debris, and dust that comes in. Remember to thwack the dust out of it and vacuum it once a week. Many doormats are machine washable these days, but check with your machine maker first because some mats are hefty when wet.

Microfiber cloths are an absolute must-have

Microfiber towels are excellent apartment cleaning tools for eliminating oil, dirt, and smudges without the use of chemicals. Simply dampen with water and then throw the cloth in the washing machine. We review e-cloths, which are available in a variety of colors so that you may color code your cloths by area or task to reduce cross-contamination. 


For a more professional cleaning, book an appointment with us and we will send you our expert cleaners to take care of your apartment or villa in Dubai.



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