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Yan Quick Cleaning would like to help you in understanding and analyzing the cost of hiring a maid service on full time or short time basis in your Dubai community.

Dubai Silicon Oasis, or as commonly shortened to DSO, is one of Dubai’s most vibrant family-friendly communities.

Residents of Silicon Oasis, like most Dubai communities such as Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Al Warqa and Mirdif,, are busy with work, kids schooling, various shores and the amazing entertainment offers proposed in Dubai. Hence, hiring a maid service becomes a must in most people’s cases.

In this Yan blog, we will look at the options you have when hiring a maid. We will analyze the prices and costs related to cleaning, and what variables affect the final cost to pay.


How much does a full time maid cost in Dubai?

If you choose to go down the route of hiring a maid on full time as opposed to hiring a cleaning service, the costs are significantly different.

Live-in Maids

A live-in maid is the most convenient option when it comes to the services it offers. This option tends to offer the most services and job duties from cleaning to babysitting, cooking, taking errands, buying small groceries and attending the kids. 

The downside for this option is, first, the cost and second, the responsibility. For the cost, in Dubai, you will be responsible for the visa, sponsorship and medical insurance of the maid which can total between 10,000 AED and 20,000 AED. On top of this early cost, you will pay a monthly salary of AED 2,000 and up to AED 4,000 for a more trained and experienced maid. In all, a Live-in Maid will cost from AED 24,000 to AED 48,000 yearly in salary, plus the sponsorship cost which will total up to AED 68,000 in the first year.

Live-out maids

Similar to the “Live-in maids”, a live-out maid will not live in your place of residence and rather will have her own accommodation that she pays for directly. The cost of her accommodation will be an additional salary allowance paid by the sponsor. In such a case, this option will cost AED 500 to AED 1500 additional on a monthly basis compared to the salary of the live-in maid. A Live-out maid will cost more but will offer you more privacy as she lives work by the end of the day so you can enjoy your family in full intimacy. This option is great for apartments as the space tends to be limited.

Full-time sponsored maid

This Uber-like option offers the clients an option to have a full time maid without the sponsorship and paperwork hassle. A higher monthly payment of AED 3,000 to AED 6,000 will be required but the maid will be sent straight to your home upon selection. The company sending the maid will have taken care of all the sponsorship details and a contract will be signed between them and the client before the work starts. 

Express maid service by the hour

This part time option is the most used in Dubai as it gives clients flexibility in choosing the time they need the maid to clean their apartment without the responsibilities, sponsorships and high costs related to the full-time maid. Yan Quick Cleaning offers express cleaning service with quick online booking.

This service is charged on an hourly basis and it starts from AED 30 per hour  for 6 hours, AED 32 for 4 to 5 hours, AED 35 for 3 hours and 40 AED for 2 hours.

The client has also the option to request more maids in order to reduce the time required to clean the space. For example, instead of 1 cleaner for 4 hours, you can take 2 maids for 2 hours.

Other options are available for even more flexibility, such as supplying the cleaning tools and consumables directly with the cleaner. Such an option reduces the cost of maintaining a stock of cleaning supplies at home.


What other factors  affect the cost of the cleaning service?

In the case of Full time maids, the sponsor will have to pay a flight ticket to the maid’s home country at the end of the contract. Depending on the maid’s origin, this cost can go from AED 1,500 to AED 2,500.

Additionally, the uniform and the cleaning supplies are costs that can add up over time.

In the case of cleaning company service, these costs are managed directly by the company. The client can even expect further reduction for recurring home cleaning service. In our company, we offer from 5% to 12% discount depending on the number of regular cleanings the client books.


Deciding to Book a Cleaning Service 

There are many factors which go into the price of your cleaning services, and keeping these factors in mind will allow you to decide if such services are right for you. While it will always be cheaper for you to clean your own home, a cleaning service can offer outstanding value and save you precious time, allowing you to spend it doing things you actually enjoy. Click here to book our home cleaning service.



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