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Do you need to clean your sofa and move the oven to get to the filth and crumbs beneath it, but there don’t appear to be enough hours in the day? The good news is that you don’t have to accomplish all of this on your own! There are several professional home cleaning services available to assist you maintain your Dubai apartment or villa spotless all year. Here’s all you need to know about Dubai’s several sorts of house cleaning services.

Regular home cleaning

Mopping, sweeping, and dusting are examples of general home cleaning services. Your refrigerator and cabinets will be cleaned and arranged, and the dishes will be washed by the experienced cleaners. The cleaners will utilize whatever cleaning products you have on hand, so make sure you have all of the necessary cleaning equipment and materials on hand. General housekeeping ensures that your home is well-maintained and frees up your time and energy for other activities. For as low as AED 486 (excluding VAT) per month, you can sign up for four hours of weekly cleaning. If you want to pay as you go, it will cost you AED 40 (excluding VAT) per hour for a minimum cleaning of 2 hours. To schedule a cleaning service in Dubai, please click here.

Deep cleaning

A deep cleaning service in Dubai, as the name indicates, will go above and beyond basic home cleaning to make your home pristine. Ceiling fans, AC vents, ovens, cabinet interiors, and outdoor furniture will all be properly cleaned. You may also request that the cleaning business send machinery to your home to steam clean, which is an excellent technique to disinfect various surfaces. It’s perfect for folks who are relocating. Yan Quick Cleaning Services will soon provide this service for Dubai flats, townhouses, and villas.

Mattress cleaning

We frequently disregard our mattresses when cleaning the rest of the home, and we seldom get them professionally cleaned. However, it may be a breeding ground for infections, dust mites, and even bed bugs! This implies that a filthy mattress might spread infections and create allergies. Stubborn stains can also be removed by a professional mattress cleaning service in Dubai. Professional mattress cleaning can cost you between AED 150 and AED 250.

Sofa cleaning

Because your couch is one of the most utilized pieces of furniture in your house, it is also one of the dirtiest. Your couch, like other upholstered pieces of furniture, may easily accumulate dust, germs, filth, dust mites, and even mold. You may choose between steam and shampoo cleaning depending on your demands and the type of sofa. Hiring a professional couch cleaning service in Dubai will keep the pests at bay. If you do this on a regular basis, your couches will last longer.

Carpet cleaning

Did you know that filthy carpets can trigger allergies and asthma attacks? Carpets may collect a lot of dust, germs, filth, and even bedbugs, so it’s important to get them cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you have children or pets. When you engage a professional carpet cleaning service in Dubai, you can also request that specialist equipment such as steam cleaning machines be brought to your location. 

Window cleaning 

Cleaning your windows is not an easy process, contrary to popular belief. You’ll need the correct tools and cleaning products to maintain them crystal clear and ensure there are no marks once they’ve dried. This is why it is important to engage expert window washers in Dubai on a regular basis. They will also be able to work on difficult-to-reach windows.

Yan Quick Cleaning offers regular home cleaning for the optimum comfort and peace of mind. We also offer commercial cleaning services for small to medium offices and shops.



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